Brand New T-Shirts for Sale
Welcome.  Thanks for visiting our web page.  Below are pictures of some of
the designs that we currently have in stock.  When you find the design that
you are interested in, please e-mail us by double-clicking on the E-mail Me
button at the bottom of this page and we will reply and let you know what
colors and sizes we have in that design.  May God Bless you.
Lorie Lynn
Color shirts with Silk Screen Designs
Texas Script
Who are these kids
Mom is love in action
PLEASE NOTE:  These pictures serve to show you the different designs available, but they do not show the true quality of the shirts.
Exercise your Faith
G.A.P. striped
God has been Good
All American
Pray Until
Abounding in love
Ageless Faith
Amazing Grace Floral
When God closes a door
God is 2 good
God's Garden
Jesus Floral Pink
His Kindness endures
The pictures of the designs with a lot of wording are not very clear,
feel free to e-mail me with any questions.
ER Numbers
Jesus is Life
Texas American
Chrildren's shirts with Silk Screen Designs
God is like
Who Am I in Christ
K Angel
K G.A.P.
K CK Christ is King
C Jesus
B I Love Jesus
C God is in Control
C G.A.P.
C I Love You
K Hello Kitty
Caps with Embrodry Designs
Texas Guitar
Texas map
Texas butterfly
Texas boots
Texas barn
C Real Men
C God is with me
C Praying hands
C I know Jesus
C Jesus Whassup!
C P.U.S.H.
C Air Jesus
C Jesus bold
C Jesus bold fire
Our Lord (cross)
Love Grows in a Mother's H
America Land of the Free
B Texas
E-mail Me
Hope you enjoyed this page and please share with your friends and your church.
Please visit our web-page again and watch it grow with more
pictures of the designs available.
May God Bless you.
Have a wonderful day!
K jesUSAves
K Jesus Loves Me
K make no junk
C Camo USA
C I Love Jesus
C I just love the Lord
C Jesus (face)
C Y2K Yes to the King
C.O.P.S. (back)
C.O.P.S. (front)
Summer 2013.  Will be
adding pictures of new
designs and working on a
new layout.
White Silk Screen Designs
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